Presentation & History

Sir Wilson is an historical shop since 1973, located in main street Via Roma 376 Torino italy.

Our shop offers high quality clothing, both of english and italian of most exclusive and prestigious brands,we research the quality brands around the world,addressing a range of elegant and sophisticated clients, which always identified their style in Sir Wilson brands.


Sir Wilson
Sir Wilson SportWe research a fresh sportswear luxury, for clients who look always for something different,giving always new styles and new brands.
ArsenioSince 1980 Arsenio shop is located in Borgo San Paolo Vi di Nanni 72 Nanni’s street.
  • cantarelli
  • sutor-mantellassi
  • church's
  • andrea-ventura
  • lardini
  • borrelli
  • car-shoe
  • aquascutum
  • kiton
  • allegri
  • altea
  • edward-green
  • trickers
  • john-laing
  • lbm-1911
  • barbour
  • barba-napoli
  • john-lobb
  • ballantyne
  • valentini
  • alden
  • jacob-cohen